Yasmini Daudo

Yasmini Daudo, Lawyer and Master in International Trade and Commercial law( Import and Export Law) and Arbitration since 2007, studied  in Oxford Brookes University in United Kingdom, with 11 years of experience as a Jurist and Lawyer working in the area of immigration, especially in Portuguese NationalityIcitizenship Law, Legalization of Foreigners citizens, Golden Visa (ARI), in Portugal.

We have a clear language and technical knowledge, fruit of the experience acquired in the professional practice, especially geared to the problem of migration, namely in the Portuguese nationality law by married to Portuguese citizens, Sephardic Jews, legalization of foreigners citizen , golden visa (ARI) and others as entry visas and stay in Portugal.

We offer Excellence in our services, a technical and personalized legal advice to national or international companies, law firms, and national or foreign individuals.

The services we provide are no different than those provided by large law firms. We want to grow, according to our principles, what it means to do it honestly, without harming the personalized service we offer.

Our commitment to our clients is to continue to cultivate lasting relationships with the quality, professionalism, respect and closeness between lawyer and client, always on a basis of mutual trust, so that our clients’ goals are a reality. Our clients throughout the process, up to the conclusion will relate directly to the same Lawyer.

Our office is located in Lisbon next to the Lumiar metro.
We also work in partnership with offices in Goa, Mozambique, Brazil.



There are Portuguese citizens around the world.
Portugal has a privileged position surrounded by the open Atlantic sea to the world.
We pay special attention to Portuguese emigrants, spread throughout the world.
Also because, Portugal offers a quality of life, safety, education, health, social security, less expensive properties, unique in Europe, we offer advice for residence fixation in Portugal. .
However, obtaining Portuguese nationality, whether through Portuguese descent, ancestry, marriage to a Portuguese citizen, descendants of Sephardic Jews, investments in Portugal through the golden visa, is an added value to live in Portugal or in another country of the European Union.

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