Other services

Other services

We follow civil, criminal and bond lawsuits.


Civil Law

  • Contracts
  • Rentals
  • Executive Actions
  • Civil actions
  • Special action to comply with pecuniary obligations (injunctions)
  • Executive Action
  • Special proceedings (interdiction, disqualification and review of foreign judgment)
  • companion procedures in the Peace Courts
  • Paternity and Maternity Investigation and Impeachment



Criminal Law 

o Contra ordinations
o Educational tutelary process (minors)
o Opening Instruction
o Criminal proceedings and appeals



-Development of purchase and sale contracts;
-Presentation of services;
– Mutual agreement;
– Lending contracts;
-Exchange contracts;
-Lease agreements;
-Translating Contracts;
-Mortgage pledge contracts;
– Actions to repair defects in construction and compensation for the same purpose;
-Contracts of Space Assignment;
-Contracts of Contracting Artists.