The Government grants the Portuguese nationality, by naturalization, to the foreigners that satisfy cumulatively the following requirements:

  • The Major of 18 years old or emancipated under Portuguese law;
  • Have been legally resident in Portugal for at least five years;
  • Know the Portuguese language ;
  • They have not been convicted, with a sentence of res with a term of imprisonment equal to or greater than 3 years and do not constitute a danger or threat to national security or defense by their involvement in activities related to the practice of terrorism, under the terms of the respective law.
  • The Government grants Portuguese nationality also in those cases where one of the parents here has residence, regardless of title, for at least five years immediately preceding the request;
  • The minors here have completed at least one cycle of elementary education or upper secondary education.

NEW LAW covers cases:


    It is possible for the parents of Portuguese of origin to acquire Portuguese nationality as long as they have resided in Portugal for at least 5 years immediately prior to the request, regardless of what title they had and ancestry was established at the time of the citizen’s birth. 
    The Government grants the nationality, by naturalization, with exemption from the requirement of legal residence of the 5 year, to the individuals that satisfy cumulatively the following requirements:

    1. Have been born in Portuguese territory;
    2. Children of a foreigner residing here, regardless of title, at the time of his birth;
    3. They reside here, regardless of title, for at least five years.